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Not covered by US (MCR)
Wonder if Snerd stocked up
Retired firemen are dangerous
Red Crooks
Parole Board frees OJ
And, just 1 year ago
48 years ago
From the Complaint Department
Your tax $ defending AmeriKa
Aurora Shooting anniversary
Holy shit ffloyd
Could it be
Hey ffloyd
He became a holy man
My manhood has returned
Dammit Shelby
bUshwipes are responding
Admiral's baby boy survived surgery - unfortunately
Yes you can
For Frank
Important information
NO, Not Kermit! Damn Disney to hell
Virgil's latest product
Snerdlys of Pennsylvania
California Goes Nuts
Can you help Nevada?
Russian influence
Operation Saniflush
Piss beupon Floyd Farmall
HEY Floyd
My informants tell me
Sort of like
Indiana is a tough state
Damn Virgil agitating again?
The sky is falling
Wayne LaPees|Air wants your car
California Soon To Be A Sanctuary State?
Gay Party Broken Up At Vatican
Anything to move product
Might be Snwerd should get a machine
I'm thinking Busher
Mr Snerdly needs help
Today is
Put the girls on overtime Lee
Foo King Briana
Birth Control Making Fish Gay?
bargain bin time
I didn'tt know
Red Crook bastards
Who was the guy
21st Century AmeriKa
Sometimes it's fun
Imagine that
VanDerBanker Air
Obvious failure to understand
$600,000 we know about
Franz get your killer "coko" going!
Popups not allowed!
mkin it through the Bama Years
Get rid of advertising
Donald has another Truman moment
Dirty Harry wouldn't like this
Think I met ffloyd's grandson today.
ABC gives it up
BigEared clean KneeGrow livin good
Take heed, the Limeys be pissed
Back when
Bama's minimum wage
Too late for ffloyd
Sponcered by Mr Chips????
They know not what they head for
The power of STUPID
Modern AmeriKa
Speaking of the Navy...
Trump Wins Partial Right To Enforce His Travel Ban
Kansas Farmers To Get $218 Million ?
Maybe Donald saw this
And The Rumor Has it That.........
Donald went and done it AGAIN
Please doG
Slinkey's MIA TOO
Another Impeachable Offense By Trump?
Must be the pending Solar eclipse
This will KILL KoobCorp's business
Gotta be a bUsher
Today's "Isolated incident"
Memfrica needs some attitude adjustment
Meanwhile in Belgum
Georgia Results So Far
Is Snerdly Still Around
Attacking the Koob of Rome
Mark the calender
Fleeing Burglar Shoots His Accomplise
Will this hurt Cal Dairy production?
Floridum tragety
Hey Donald- put somebody on looking into this
College student material? Really???
Payback is such a bitch
It's all about the money
Seems like a decent kid
Where the hell is ffloyd
Gas Drops In Price
Some see the writing on the wall
Because The Donald cares
When Virgil was a small yute
Illinois finances in 'massive crisis mode'
Adjusting reality
Shelby's new tourist plan
Which Briana bUshie is it?
That evil Donald
Has Pensyltucky any damn standards?
Damn Canahodians
Hmmmm, Florida + cattle theft.
Navy Destroyer USS Fitzgerald Collision-Taking On Water
Mt St Helens
WHO could have seen this coming?
Stock up on Cuban Cigars
2 years ago today
Screwed up bad
Probably Tier 4 caused
Hardly christian in my book
Happy Anniversary Senator
Didn't Big Ears plan
We'll All Be Dead In 3 Days
UPS dipshit goes Postal in Frisco
Bern Spaz goes nuts with a gun
Goat roast gone wrong?
Probably ruin his business too
Chance to make a Buck Koob
Powerful US Diplomat
Today's Do the Right Thing Award
I will not be held down
Bat fornication
Stook must be softening
Koob, you got any spare buses?
Thanks Donald - Hey Mr chips
Diehard's opeartion?
Generation DUMB
How VanDerBanker runs things
Disneyland bombed
Sewer Ontario
The traps are working
Bat Man - Dead
The Power of 1 line
Not available on Amazon
I think Lee can relax
Snerdly attacked my minibarn
Colorado needs Ag Laws
Important Ag Post
Jazuz Shelby
This case certainly will be prosecuted
Texas + tattoo + stupid + jezuz
By no means the first deaths
Forgetabout it
bUsher tantrum?
If only our congress critters would buy into this!
High food prices got to them
VanDerBanker doing repos Now?
Thanks to you know who
el padrino bonasera latino dating
Gee, I wonder who imported them??????
Payback is a motherflocker
Scratch looking into driving for UBER
And The Donald says
Car Bombing in Saudi
From The Popes High Walled Vila -There is Smoke
The OShits new home
I try and try, but I just can't break these chains...
Need a canoe?
Tax $$ at work
Something else to blame beside Catholics-teachers-schools!
Automated bullshit peddling
Happy land of fruits & nuts
Gotta ask
Hey ffloyd & Tanker
Arkansas Flu?
Inconvenient FACTS
Education failure
He's an honest man
Briana found a new female critter
Handy as hell
Libretards learn
The Donald tells it like it is!- look @ vid
Land of the Nutman & Gov Moonbeam
Did the Obamas visit?
GM Caught Cheating on Emissions ?
HRM Elisabeth
No Flag - No Museum
Illegal immigration plummets after Trump inauguration
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